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Pasture Raised Rabbits
About Our Rabbits

We raise our rabbits in portable hutches with open floors, so that they have access to the grasses and clovers they prefer.  With an electric fence and chicken wire for protection, as well as a sheltered portion of their hutch to keep them dry and shady, our rabbits enjoy the best of the pastured life while also staying safe and secure.  We regularly move them to fresh pasture, which keeps their living space clean while providing them constant fresh grazing.  In addition to their diet of pasture and occasional vegetables from our fields, we supplement our rabbits with non-medicated grain.

We breed crosses of Silver Fox, Flemish Giant, and New Zealand rabbits.  Through careful selection, we're constantly improving the genetics of our breeding lines with each passing season, raising healthier and heartier animals that thrive on our farm.  

We occasionally have breeding stock for sale, and are often looking for does and bucks to add to our herd.  For information and inquiries, please email Eleanor at

How to Buy Rabbits

We have rabbits available on our online farm stand.

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