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100% Grassfed Goat
About Our Goats

We raise our goats on a 100% grass fed diet - when they're not eating Christmas trees and brambles.  Goats do well on a varied diet and there's no specific distinction for a 100% grass/bramble/Christmas tree/multi-flora rose goat, so we advertise them as 100% grassfed, meaning they never eat any grain.

They graze alongside our lambs where they do the important job of eating what the sheep leave behind and mowing the grass before we move the chickens onto it. We also often put them on overgrown fields or field edges and they help our pigs turn that land back into useable pasture. 

How to Buy Goat

We have goat available year round on our online farm stand. 

All of our goat is frozen and vacuum sealed for quality. 

Stew Meat/ Kabobs: $16/lb
Ground Goat: $16/lb

Whole Goat

​We also offer whole goats custom processed into individual cuts. If you choose a goat for your freezer, we will work with you on the cut sheet to make sure you have the roasts and chops you want!

We sell whole goats for $9.45 per pound hanging weight.  For more information, please visit our Whole Animal page.

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