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Community Supported Agriculture

Community Supported Agriculture, or a CSA, allows members to support a local farm by paying a fixed, discounted price for their vegetables and meat.  This has the benefit for our CSA members of accessing fresh, local food at lower cost.  In turn, CSAs support the work that we do here and ensure the viability and sustainability of a small farm like ours for years to come.


Customizable and flexible, we offer a monthly CSA that works for you, with no bulk payment.  This includes the convenience of ordering right from your computer, tablet, or phone.  At our pickup locations, your box is packed for you to take home, or you can choose home delivery and have your CSA share delivered right to your house.


How it Works:

  • Customers pay a discounted, monthly amount for access to our CSA online farm store

  • We offer three tiers of participation so you can choose based on your favorite farm products

  • Order online and choose your pickup site: at our farm or delivered to your home

Our CSA runs year round.  We welcome members for a single month or up to entire year subscriptions.  Cancel at any time with no commitment, and your credit never expires with us, so you can make your CSA membership as flexible as you need for you and your family.


The benefits of our CSA include: no large initial payment, ease of online ordering to ensure that your CSA share is full of what you love to eat, and no season long obligation nor penalty for cancelling.

Share Types and Prices

When you become a CSA member, we provide you access to a discounted version of our online farm store.  Every time you log on, you see prices only available to CSA members.  Depending on the tier you choose, you can access discounted vegetables, vegetables and meat, or become one of our wholesale shoppers.  Any sales or special discounts that we offer throughout the year are on top of this CSA price reduction, saving you even more on our farm products.  


$80 per month

With our Bronze Tier, you get 15% off of all vegetables.  For the entire month that you are a Bronze Tier member, whenever you sign in to our online farm store, the price you see for vegetables is automatically reduced by 15%.  You still have access to our eggs and meat as well.  This equates to roughly $20 per week for your order of farm fresh food.


$160 per month

For our Silver Tier members, we offer 15% off all vegetables as well as 10% off all of our meat.  The prices you see on our online farm store will automatically be discounted when you sign on.  With our Silver Tier members, weekly orders amount to roughly $40 per week.


$300 per month

We offer wholesale pricing for our Gold Tier members.  With 25% of all vegetables and 15% off our meat, you get access to the same price reduction that we offer to grocery stores and restaurants.  When ordered weekly, this tier corresponds to approximately $75 per order.

Once you’ve signed up to be a CSA member, we automatically bill your debit or credit card on the first of the month for the price of the tier you’ve selected.  That amount is then transferred to your online profile as a credit to your account.  During that month, you have access to the CSA members only portion of our online farm stand.  


If you don’t use your entire monthly subscription amount, it rolls over to the following month.  If you decide to cancel your subscription your credit never expires.  For months that you use your entire credit and want to make additional purchases, we simply bill the card you have on file and you still have access to the reduced prices.


There’s no commitment with our CSA memberships.  For those of you looking for a year-round CSA, we offer this for all 12 months of the year.  For our customers who prefer a summer/fall CSA share, you can choose to sign up for only those months - and even place an order for these months ahead of time, securing your spot now.

Pickup Days and Locations

After you’ve placed your order, we get to work harvesting, washing, and packing your choices.  At your chosen pickup location, you’ll find an insulated bag labeled with your name.  Alternatively, we also offer home delivery for select areas.

Each pickup location has its own ordering window.  This allows us to update our inventory throughout our harvest week, while you are assured that the quantities you order are available to you.  The pickup windows run from midnight to midnight, giving you the full day to choose what you’d like and get online to place your order.


The Farm

Wednesdays: 11:30 - 6pm

Thursdays: 11:30am - 6pm

Fridays: 11:30 - 6pm

Saturdays: 11:30 - 6pm

Ordering Window: Saturday - Night before selected day for pick up 

We offer on-farm pickup Wednesday-Saturday. We're located just off of Rt 4, an easy drive from Portsmouth, Durham, Lee, and other Seacoast towns.  You'll find your box packed just for you, labeled with your name, and ready to enjoy!

Home Delivery

Fridays: 11am - 6pm

Ordering Window: Saturday-Thursday night

Available in Barrington, Northwood, Nottingham, Lee, Dover, Durham, Brentwood, Newfields, Newmarket, Exeter and Madbury. 

With home delivery, you get farm fresh produce and meat dropped off right at your door.  Leave out a cooler, and we'll bring your order to you during the delivery window.  

How to Order
  1. Visit our Online Farm Stand and make an account

  2. Choose CSA Sign Up as your pickup location (you can change this again later to the pickup of your choice)

  3. Choose your tier and make your first payment

  4. Check your email for the confirmation message.  Read the terms and conditions and reply to that email with a statement indicating you’ve read and agree to them

  5. Within 1-3 business days, we’ll send you a second email confirming your order and letting you know that you now have access to the CSA member only site

Need to cancel your membership?  Email

Signing up in the middle of the month?  No problem, we can prorate the cost from the date you place your order.


All of our products are always available on our online farm stand, even for customers who are not CSA members!  More information here.

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