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Pasture Raised Poultry
About Our Flocks

Chickens, Thanksgiving Turkeys, and Farm Fresh Eggs

We believe that poultry should be raised the way nature intended: outside and eating a varied, nutritious diet.  Our birds spend their first few weeks of life in a brooder. This gives them a warm and safe place to grow into their adult feathers. As soon as those feathers come in, the birds are ready to go outside to their portable coops with open floors.  This protects them from predators while allowing them access to bugs, grubs and grass. They have shelter in their coop to get out of the rain, wind and sun if they choose. Otherwise, on a nice day, you can see them enjoying the sunshine as they scratch at the ground.

We supplement what they find in the pasture with GMO free grain from a local grain company. They have constant access to clean water.

We use intensive rotational grazing to keep our soil and grass healthy. Our flocks follow behind the sheep, goats and pigs. The larger animals eat most of the grass, which exposes bugs and insects for the birds. This system allows the animals to work together to promote health in their own diets and our fields.


We raise Freedom Rangers, a breed that was developed in France and is now used in America as an alternative to hybridized breeds. These chickens grow more slowly and have darker, leaner meat. They are full of flavor and a personal favorite.  Our chickens are pasture raised in chicken tractors we routinely move to fresh grass.  In addition to the forage they find on our fields, we also supplement them with GMO free grain.

Frozen chicken is available on our online farm stand.

Whole chickens are $5.45/lb.

Bone-in, Skin on Chicken Thighs: $9.95/

Skinless, Boneless Chicken Breasts: $10.95/lb

Bone-in, Skin on Chicken Breasts: $9.95/lb

Drumsticks: $8.95/lb

Whole Chicken Wings Party Pack: $4.95/lb

Chicken Frames (Backs): $3.50/lb


Where to Buy

You can purchase our poultry from our online farm stand

Laying Hens

Our laying hens work hard to bring our customers fresh eggs year round. During the warmer months, we move their coop around the farm to ensure they are always on fresh grass. In the winter, they stay near the barnyard, running around on hay that we put down to protect their feet from the cold.

They have the freedom to explore the farm, scratch in the dirt and create dust baths to keep themselves cool and clean in the summer. To supplement their diet of GMO free grain, our hens forage around the farm during the day for grass and bugs. As the sun sets, they naturally return to their coops to roost and sleep.

Our hens live in a specifically designed coop that has plenty of room for them to roost at night and lots of nesting boxes for their eggs. We encircle it with a poultry net that gives them a large area to range and yet protects them from predators.

Eggs are available for $5/dozen.

Laying Hens
Thanksgiving Turkeys

We have Thanksgiving turkeys available in November of each year.  We raise Nicolas Whites, which are a white heritage breed. Their weights vary between 18-22 pounds and run $4.95/lb.
All of our turkeys are raised on pasture, so that they can spend their days pecking at bugs and grass.  To supplement their pasture-based diet, we also feed them GMO-free grain.  They live healthy, happy lives.

Turkey reservations open September, 2023.

Any further questions please feel free to email us at

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