Grassfed Beef
About Our Beef Herd

Here at Brasen Hill Farm, our beef herd plays an important role in our intensive rotational grazing. Combined with the sheep and goats, they form the third pillar of our herd, eating the grasses and other pasture plants the others leave behind. We raise 100% black angus cows, which we exclusively feed grass. Alongside the rest of the herd, they improve the health of our pastures from year to year, returning important nutrients to our soil, and helping our ongoing stewardship of this land.

How to Buy Beef

We have beef available year round on our online farm stand, at our farmers markets and through our CSA.  All of our beef is frozen and vacuum sealed for quality. 

Ground Beef: $10/lb

Stew Meat: $10/lb

Ribeye Steak: $18/lb

NY Sirloin steak (boneless): $14/lb

Tenderloin Steak: $22/lb

London Broil Steak: $11/lb

Sirloin Strip Steak: $18/lb

Beef Eye Round Roast: $10/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast: $11/lb

Beef Brisket: $10/lb

Beef Short Ribs: $10/lb

Beef Shank Soup Bone: $8/lb