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Pastured Pork
About Our Pigs

We believe pigs do best outside where they can forage, explore, and have room to run around.  We keep our pigs on a variety of different habitats, including in our woodlot, where they can find shade on hot days, on pasture where they can root up grass to find grubs, and on overgrown fields where they help us clear stumps and roots so that we can someday establish pasture for our goats and lambs.  They have houses for shelter from rainy weather and always have access to clean, fresh water.  Since pigs can't sweat, we make a wallow for them on hot days and they enjoy splashing in the mud to cool off.

We raise Berkshires, as they are intelligent and active, finding food as they explore their surroundings.  Our pigs are fed from the pastures and woodlot that they live on and are supplemented with GMO free grain.

How to Buy Pork

We sell our pork on our online farm stand. 

All of our pork is frozen and vacuum sealed for quality.  

Retail Prices:

Loin Chops: $11.25 /lb

Country Style Ribs: $11.25 /lb
Spare Ribs: $12.50 /lb
Pork Butt Roast: $10 /lb

Loin End Roast: $10/lb
Shoulder Roast: $10/lb

Ground Sausage: $10/lb

Linked Sausage: $10/lb
Ground Pork: $10/lb
Bacon: $15/lb

English Back Bacon: 10/lb

Whole and Half Pigs

We sell whole and half pigs for $5.95 /lb hanging weight, which is the weight of the animal before it is broken down into the cuts you are familiar with, such as pork chops and spare ribs.  You can expect to receive approximately 70% of the hanging weight as cuts of meat. Bacon and hams are available smoked for an additional $1.75 per pound.  For more information and to place an order, please visit our 'Whole Animal' page.

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