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Meat CSA
Our Meat CSA

A ‘CSA’, or community supported agriculture, is based on the idea that small farms operate best when communities come together to provide upfront financial support.  Farming is an expensive, unpredictable, seasonal business and having access to capital helps small farms like us succeed.  

What that means is that you receive a bulk discount on our products, and in turn make a payment up front, so that we have the funds needed to raise our animals at the time we incur our costs of feed and bedding.  It's a win-win: you get our products at a reduced rate and the benefit of supporting your local farm, and we get funds in the off season or during production times, before we have items available for sale.   When you place your order ahead of time, it gives us the ability to buy hay, keep our livestock over the winter, and consistently improve our breeding herds.  

Our Meat CSA consists of a variety of our beef, pork, chicken, goat, lamb, rabbit, and duck, all at a discount.  We offer two sizes: 

  • Our Large share is 60-65 lbs

  • Our Small share is 40-45 lbs

Pickups are in September, October, and November.  This follows the production schedule of our grassfed animal husbandry practices, and echoes the long standing tradition of putting meat by for the coming winter.



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Who Is A Meat CSA A Good Choice For?

Adventurous cooks and eaters!  We'll pick out a great variety of cuts for you and are happy to provide recipes.  You might find that we distribute something that you've never cooked before.  This is a great way to try new things - and you might discover a new favorite!

And when we say adventurous, we mean adventurous: as the CSA consists of a true sample of what our farm produces, we cannot substitute types or cuts of meat per individual preferences.  If you're excited about trying a variety of meat, and eager for the assortment we offer, then this CSA is a great way to receive our meat at a substantial discount.

What Cuts of Meat Will Be Included?

No two Meat CSA shares are exactly alike, but here’s a good idea of the types of cuts you are likely to see in your share.  All shares consist of a variety of ‘high end’ cuts like steaks, and ‘low end’ cuts such as ground meat and sausage, as well as a mix of roasts and chops.  

The list below is representative of what we offer, but your share likely will not include every item listed.


Country Style Ribs, Italian Sausage, Breakfast Sausage, Shoulder Roast, Pork Chops, Spare Ribs, Ground Pork, Bacon


Ground Beef, London Broil, Stew Beef, Ribeye Steak, Kebabs, Sirloin Strip, Eyeround Roast, Flank Steak


Leg of Lamb, Ground Lamb, Loin Chops, Shoulder Roast, Shoulder Chops, Stew Lamb


Ground Goat, Loin Chops, Leg of Goat, Stew Goat, Shoulder Chops, Shoulder Roast

Duck, Chicken, & Rabbit

A whole duck, chicken, and rabbit.

What's not included?

Offal, fatback, and bones.  All of these items are available as an addition to your Meat CSA, should you request them.

Share Sizes and Prices

We offer two sizes of share so that you can choose which one is the best fit for you and your household. 


40-45 lbs

Our small share is a great variety of pork, beef, lamb, and goat, both smaller cuts such as chops as well as larger roasts.  In addition, small shares will receive two chickens, one duck, and one rabbit.


60-65 lbs

Our large share offers a mix of beef, lamb, pork, and goat in both larger roasts as well as smaller chops.  In addition, large shares will receive two chickens, one duck, and two rabbits.

Pickup Days and Times

Meat CSA pickups will be at the farm on Thursdays from 11:30am - 6pm.  Each pickup will consist of roughly a third of your total order, so that you don't have to worry about having a large amount of freezer space available.

Thursday, September 13, 11:30am - 6pm

Thursday, October 17, 11:30am - 6pm

Thursday, November 14, 11:30am - 6pm

How to Order

Click the link below and fill out the form with your contact information and share size.

Payments can be made either at the farm store or by sending a check to us at: Brasen Hill Farm, 71 Warren Rd, Barrington, NH, 03825.  We cannot accept credit card payments for the CSA.

Sold Out for 2018!

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