Whole Animals

In addition to the cuts of meat we have available in our farm store, we also sell whole animals.  We have whole and half pigs available, as well as whole lambs and whole goats.

What are some great reasons to get a whole animal?
  • It's a great way to stock your freezer with fresh, local meat, so that you have the certainty of knowing that the meat you're buying for yourself and your family was raised humanely and sustainably.  
  • You get a discount over our retail prices, meaning that for the same amount of meat, you receive 10-15% off by purchasing a whole animal
  • You can choose how you want your cuts broken down.  Love making roasts in a slow cooker during the winter?  Can't wait to spend summer weekends grilling chops?  We let you customize your cut sheet, so that you and your family have the types of cuts that work best for you

Whole Lambs

Our lambs are born right here on the farm and live their lives on fresh pasture.  They are 100% grassfed, meaning that we never feed them grain.  We practice intensive rotation grazing where we move the herd to fresh grass every morning, resulting in an animal that is healthy for you, and sustainable for our land.

Whole Lamb Breakdown
While whole lambs can be cut in a number of different ways, a sample whole lamb could include: 2 legs of lamb at 4 lbs each, 2 shanks at 1 lb each, 6 lbs ground lamb, 12 loin chops, 14 rib chops, 3 lbs stew meat, 2 shoulder roasts at 4 lbs each.

The weights of our whole lambs are roughly between 35 and 45 lbs.

Whole Goats

We raise boer goats, all of which are born here on the farm.  Our goats share a field with our sheep and help out as mowers of invasive species and pretty much anything else they can get their mouths on.  While they're not technically grassfed, as goats enjoy a wide variety in their diet, we don't feed them any grain, which results in healthy, happy animals.  Boers have a great flavor which is very mild and has none of the overpowering 'goatiness' that can put people off of goat.  Instead, the cuts of meat from our goats is wonderfully flavored and a great treat to have! 

​Whole Goat Breakdown
This is an example of what you might receive from a whole goat: 4 legs of goat at 3 lbs each, 2 shoulder roasts at 2 lbs each, 3 lbs ground goat, 6 loin chops, 6 rib chops, 3 lbs stew meat, 2 shanks.

The weights of our whole lambs are roughly between 25-40 lbs.

Whole and Half Pigs

​We raise Berkshire pigs, who are born on the farm and spend their days rooting on our pastures and exploring our woodlots.  In addition to the food they find on their own, we supplement their diets with GMO free grain.  

Whole Pig Breakdown
Here's a sample of what you might receive from a whole hog: 25 lbs pork chops, 8 lbs spare ribs, 6 lbs loin roasts, 15 lbs sausage, 15 lbs pork shoulder, 25 lbs country style ribs, 30 lbs bacon, plus offal and fat to make lard if desired.

Half Pig Breakdown
Half pigs are exactly that: one half of a whole pig.  As such, a sample half pig could include: 12 lbs pork chops, 4 lbs spare ribs, 3 lbs loin roasts, 8 lbs sausage, 8 lbs pork shoulder, 13 lbs country style ribs, 15 lbs bacon, plus offal and fat if desired.

The hanging weight of our whole pigs can range between roughly 180 to 230 lbs, while our half pigs will be roughly between 90 and 115lbs.


We base all the prices off the hanging weight of the animal.  This is the weight of the meat before it has been broken down into usable cuts. The amount of meat you receive is roughly 70% of the hanging weight, once excess bones and fat are removed in the butchering process.  This percentage can vary for customers who prefer bone-in cuts versus those who enjoy bone-less. Please note that one of the joys of grassfed, pasture raised animals is their individuality and unique qualities. As such, we cannot guarantee any specific weight.

Lamb: $9.45 /lb
Goat: $9.45 /lb
Whole and Half Pigs: $5.95 /lb

What's Included:
All the slaughter and wrapping fees, as well as transport back from the slaughterhouse.  We'll have your vacuum sealed meat here at the farm waiting for you!

What's Not Included:
Since not all customers receive smoked products, we do not include the cost of smoking in the base price.  The cost for smoking is $1.75 /lb of smoked product.

How to Order 

​Fill Out the Order Form
We take orders for whole animals through an order form that be found here.
Send In Your Deposit
To complete your order and reserve your animal, please send a check to the farm or come by the farm store during our open hours and pay with cash.  We ask that to the extent possible, you do not pay with a credit card, as it helps us to keep our costs down, especially on such large purchases.  Deposits will be deducted from your remaining balance when you pick up your meat. Checks can be sent to us at Brasen Hill Farm, 71 Warren Rd, Barrington, NH 03825

Required deposits:
Goats: $100
Lambs: $100
Whole Pigs: $200
Half Pigs: $100

Fill Out Your Cut Sheet
Please fill out the forms with your preferred cuts: lamb, goat, whole and half pigs.  If you have any questions about this process, please call us at (603) 868 2001 or email us at farmers@brasenhillfarm.com.  We're more than happy to guide you through selecting what cuts will be best for you and your family!

Come Pick Up Your Meat!
Due to the schedule of the slaughterhouse, we are unable to provide a specific pickup day.  We will contact you via email when we know when your meat will be ready, and schedule a time for you to come pick it up.  We are able to store your meat for a few days, up to roughly one week.

Pigs: End of September, 2017
Goats: Mid November 2017
Lambs: Mid November 2017

Take it Home and Enjoy!
A safe bet for freezer space is about 1 cubic foot per 20 lbs of meat.  This can vary depending on if you choose large roasts, which take up quite a bit of space as they can be oddly shaped, versus ground meat or sausage, which can be neatly stacked.

Grassfed and pasture raised meat can be quite a departure from what you buy in a store- in a good way!  Our meat is leaner and due to its lower water content, it can cook quicker than conventionally raised meat.  It's jam packed with flavor and often doesn't need much accompaniment beyond some light seasoning, so that the taste of the meat can come through.  One cookbook we can't recommend enough is the Grassfed Gourmet, which has great recipes for fresh, local meat.