Thanksgiving Turkeys

We have Thanksgiving turkeys available in November of each year.  We raise Bourbon Reds, which are a heritage breed with a higher ratio of dark meat to light meat and are full of flavor.  These are quite different from a conventional 'grocery-store' turkey as the breed has retained many of the characteristics of wild turkeys.  They do not reach the size of conventional turkeys, often weighing between 7lbs and 15lbs.

All of our turkeys are raised on pasture, so that they can spend their days pecking at bugs and grass.  To supplement their pasture-based diet, we also feed them GMO-free grain.  They live healthy, happy lives

Turkeys are available by reservation only and only customers who have filled out the reservation form will be eligible to purchase a turkey.   However, as we cannot reserve a specific weight of bird with each order, pickups of reserved turkeys will be handled first come- first serve. 

The 2016 cost is $8.65/lb.  

​​For 2016, the pickups will be on Saturday, November 19th and Sunday, November 20th from 9am-4pm.  ​ If you have a weight of bird you prefer, please plan to arrive at 9am on the 20th. 

Sold Out for 2016!