Meat CSA

​​What's a CSA and how does it work with meat?  CSA stands for community supported agriculture and is based on the idea that small farms operate best when communities come together to provide upfront financial support.  Farming is an expensive, unpredictable, seasonal business and having access to capital helps small farms like us succeed.  What that means for you is that we ask you to pay up front for our products, and in exchange you receive a bulk discount.  It's a win- win: you get our products at a reduced rate and the benefit of supporting your local farm, and we get funds in the off season, or during production times, before we have items available for sale.  ​You order now and we have the ability to buy hay, keep our livestock over the winter, and pay our employees to do daily chores year round.  

This year, we're excited to introduce the Large Roast add-on.  One advantage of having a local farm is the availability of a variety of larger cuts.  If pork roasts are a favorite in your house, or you love the idea of a slowly braised beef roast, or you're spending the winter hankering for a crockpot meal, this is a great opportunity!

How Does It Work?

Who Is A Meat CSA A Good Choice For?: Adventurous cooks and eaters!  We'll pick out a great variety of cuts for you and are happy to provide recipes.  You might find that we distribute something that you've never cooked before.  This is a great way to try new things - and you might discover a new favorite!  The Regular Meat CSA has a wonderful variety of smaller cuts of meat, while the Large Roast add-on is a great choice for cooks who enjoy cooking larger cuts, families that enjoy leftovers, or ​those who like to throw dinner parties!

How to Pick it Up: We are splitting the CSA pickups into two different weeks, since not everyone has tons of freezer space, and so that you're not inundated with too much meat all at once.
  • Pickup 1: Saturday, January 7th, 12pm-3pm 
  • Pickup 2: Saturday, February  11th, 12pm-3pm
Please note: if you cannot make one or more pickups, we are able to be flexible is choosing a time with you that is more convenient.  Just send us an email and we'll work out another date!

How to Pay: Bring a check (made out to Brasen Hill Farm) or cash to your first pick up.

​*All our beef is from our friends at Short Creek Farm.  It's 100% grassfed and humanely raised - we only buy beef that lives up to our own production standards and we're thrilled that until we can maintain a herd, we have such good friends who are willing to share theirs with us!*

Share Options

For the January/February Meat CSA, we're offering sampler packs of goat, pork, and sausage, along with our large roast options and our usual Meat CSA share.  These sampler packs are available for purchase separately from the Meat CSA.

Regular Meat CSA

​​Price: $195
​Types of Meat Included: Chicken, Pork, Lamb, and Beef
​What You Get:  A mix of cuts of pork, lamb, and beef, some which are high value, such as steak or lamb chops, and some that are less pricey, like sausage or ground beef, as well as a whole chicken.  The retail value of this share is approximately $220, and the combined weight of all the cuts is roughly 20lbs.

Large Roasts: Option 1

Price: $95
Type of Meat Included: Beef, Chicken, Pork Shoulder, 1/2 Leg of Goat
What You Get: A 2.5-3.5lb beef roast, a 3-6lb pork shoulder, a whole chicken, and a half of a leg of goat.  The weights of each roast and chicken vary from share to share to ensure that each share comes to a value of approximately $110.

Large Roasts: Option 2

Price: $95
Type of Meat Included: Beef, Pork, 1/2 Leg of Lamb
What You Get: A 3.5-5lb beef roast, a 2.75-4.25lb pork shoulder, and a half leg of lamb.  The weights of each roast vary from share to share to ensure that each share comes to a value of approximately $110.

Sausage Sampler

Price: $35
What You Get: ​3 lbs mixed sausage, 1 lb ground pork

Pork Pack

Price: $95
What You Get: Ground Pork, 1/2 Pork Shoulder, Loin Chops, Bacon, Fresh Ham Steak, Southern Style Ribs​

Goat Taster

Price: $35
What You Get: Loin Chops, Stew Meat, Rib Chops, Ground Goat​

To Order:

Sold Out for January/February 2017!

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