100% Grassfed Lamb

How We Raise Our Lambs

We raise our sheep on a 100% grassfed diet.  As with all ruminants, they thrive on a high quality pasture.  We graze them with our  boer goats and our two llamas, who guard the entire herd from coyotes and other predators.

Our sheep and lambs always have fresh, clean water, shade when it's too hot, and a warm barn for the winter. 

The breed we raise is a Dorper/Khatahdin cross.  They are hair sheep, so they don't grow wool and each spring they shed their coats just as a dog or cat would.  This keeps them much more comfortable in the heat of the summer and means they put all their energy into growing bigger, not growing wool.

We keep a herd of breeding ewes and a ram named Ramchop.  We breed them each fall and they give birth in the early spring.  This allows us to improve the genetics of the herd each year, raising healthier and heartier animals with each passing season as we select ewes that do well on our pastures and our farm.  We also have the advantage of lambs who are able to live their entire lives in one place, reducing their stress since they never have to travel.  They are able to live with their mothers for the entire season and that bond between the animals keeps both the lamb and the ewe happier and calmer.

How To Buy Our Lamb

We have lamb available year round at the farm in Barrington, NH.  All of our lamb is frozen and vacuumed sealed for quality. 

Individual Cuts

Leg of Lamb: $16 /lb
Riblets/Rib Roast: $16 /lb
Rack of Lamb: $16 /lb
Rib Chops: $18 /lb
Loin Chops: $18 /lb
Shoulder Chops: $14 /lb
Shoulder Roast: $14 /lb
Stew Meat/Kabobs: $14 /lb
Ground Lamb: $14 /lb


If you have any questions, please contact us! We believe doing our part as responsible farmers includes transparency of our practices. Ask us questions or arrange a visit to the farm!

Whole Lambs

We also offer whole lambs either in individual cuts or whole for a lamb roast. If you choose a lamb for your freezer, we will work with you on the cut sheet to make sure you have the roasts and chops you want!

We sell whole lambs for $9.45 per pound hanging weight. For more information, please visit our whole animal page here.