About the Farmers

Theodore and Eleanor have worked on a variety of farms and come to Brasen Hill Farm with over 15 years of combined experience. They share a love of high quality meat and eggs, getting to know their customers, and the excitement of working with animals.

Theodore Wiegand

Theodore grew up on a family wheat farm in Shelby, Montana. While attending Pacific Lutheran Univeristy in Tacoma, Washington, he worked as a caterer and at a small, local farm that specilized in feeding families in need. He became interested in farming as a way to help a community and moved to the East Coast with this goal in mind.

Eleanor Kane

Eleanor developed a passion for the outdoors while growing up in Concord, Massachusetts. She became interested in the movement towards local, humanely raised animals while attending Phillips Exeter Academy and the University of Pennsylvania. She is excited to work towards providing her community with healthy, local meat and eggs. In addition to farming, holds a Master's degree in Public Affairs from Brown University and is pursuing a PhD in Education at the University of New Hampshire.